On October 30, 2021 the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary and induct seven new members into the Hall of Fame. The event will be at the White Eagle Event and Convention Center in Niles, Illinois.

NBGC will also celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Girls Program!!!

This week’s blog entry highlights eight members inducted at the 85th Anniversary Banquet in 2016. Below are links to the program from that event, as well as to Monkeyshines, Alumni Chatters and other archives. In coming posts we will focus on other inductees. Enjoy the memories…more importantly, make plans with your family and friends to join teammates for a wonderful night to celebrate the NBGC!

Tickets to the 90th Anniversary and Hall of Fame Celebration are on sale now and can be purchased online at
Like the celebrated date of October 19, 1931, the day of the first football game of NBC, the girls programs proudly marks April 27, 1991 as its official start.  It was on that date that 32 girls came to a meeting to organize a softball league.  Teams were made, captains elected and a schedule was made. 
First Girls Softball Meeting (click)

All would agree, the NBGC has been the benefactor of many women since its beginnings it the 1930’s.  With the 2021 inductees, 20 of the 68 members of the Hall of Fame are women.  In 1994, the club welcomed its first young women to the Leaders Program. 
Girls join Leader Program (click)

Though the name “Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club” was formally adopted more than 5 years later (on January 29, 1997) the program was well on its way to decades of success.  As the club celebrates its 90th Anniversary, the girls program celebrates 30 years of activities.
Board Meets to Change Club Name (click)
A New Era Begins (click)

Participating in the Leader Program, the young women become eligible for “Leaders of the Future Scholarship”.   The “G” in NBGC is fully engaged.
1st Scholarships (click)
The Girls Program continues to grow fast…and go fast, as a Girls on the Run chapter has years of success
Girls on the Run…more than just running! (click)
…more running (click)
First members, then leaders, and now Alumni
Girls…25th Anniversary (2016) (click) 

More details of Girls Program history appeared in the 2016 Anniversary and Hall of Fame Program (link below).