A Partial History of the N.B.C./ N.B.G.C. Mothers Committee, Mothers Association, Mothers Club, Moms Club!

Though referred to by many names, the various gatherings of the Club’s moms always had the same purpose- to support the Club’s programs and finances.

The moms first met to sew choir robes for the N.B.C. Choir, founded and led by Cas Urban.

As you will read in one of the following articles, the Moms Club explored any and every opportunity to impact the N.B.G.C.

Subsequent posts will feature:

The 1975 Spring Social-
For many years the Socials were, understandably, one of the Moms Club’s most popular events- with a live band, musical productions produced and performed by the moms, and, of course, a great buffet!

Another post will feature the vast array of fundraising events- some occurring once or twice, some becoming annual happenings. The moms were willing to try anything to help the Club.

The Moms Club also hosted important social events, where moms and their families could gather for holiday dinners, guest speakers, card and bunko games, mother and son events, Christmas parties and much more.

And, in the future, we will be posting moms and Moms Club photos- but we will need your help identifying everyone!

So, I hope you enjoy reading about the amazing contributions of our Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club mothers!

​​From the April 1949, “NBC News”:

From the July 1, 1949, ​​”NBC News”:

From the January 1997, “Monkeyshines” newsletter:

by Anna Mae Cole

The N.B.C. Mothers Association was founded in the early 40’s with Rose Fritz being the first President of the Mothers Club. Over the years, monthly meetings have taken place with many dedicated mothers and friends in attendance. Throughout the past 50 years, the mothers have helped with registration, the Boy’s Benefit, Easter Egg Hunts, Thanksgiving Day Classics, All-Star Classics, and many other activities to benefit the Neighborhood Boys Club.
In addition to these annual or regular events, The Mothers Club held many fund-raisers in an effort to give donations to the Club. Among these events have been a giant sale for many years. Also, the compiling of a cookbook, card parties, ham sales, holly fairs, spaghetti dinners, fashion shows, and our all-time favorite– our Spring Social which attracted hundreds of people at Johnnie Weigelt’s for many years. Many mothers and friends have fond memories of these fun-filled days. On January 24th, the Mothers Club held the 1st Annual Neighborhood Boys Club Lip Sync and Talent Show with 17 entertaining acts by boys and girls of the N.B.C..

​​​From the January 17, 1949, “Monkeyshines” newsletter:

​​From the January 31, 1949,  “Monkeyshines” newsletter:

​From the January 30, 1950, “Monkeyshines” newsletter:

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